In today’s world, a solid, quality, education is increasingly more important to get ahead and indeed even to get your foot in the door. Today we need a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent or a Master’s Degree qualification to be competitive.

We offer ground breaking thinking that will virtually ensure that a student excels in his or her studies. We help students to increase reading productivity by leaps and bounds, improve focus and improve retention through effective revision of study material. Studying intelligently is the key.

The programs we offer students will ensure that the investment in education is maximized. The concepts that the students learn helps them to build their learning and studying skills, not only for their examinations but for life. These skills will help them continuously learn and become exceptional professionals and extra-ordinary leaders.

Students who have participated in our Lightning Reading™ programs have increased their reading productivity on average by 4 times and this has brought about great success for them. This means that for instance, they are now able to read in one hour a book that previously took four hours to read, understanding more as now they have better focus!

Improving the capability of learning, increasing reading productivity, improving memory, increasing focus, visual representation of ideas, thoughts & facts are a few areas of focus, with amazing results bringing about more self confidence, self esteem, and self belief.