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August 2014

 ‘Lightning Reading with Sanjeev’ Public Program for Kids

“It was really good. I learned a lot on reading fast but while understanding. I am sure it will be very very helpful in the future to study and revise.”

Yenuli Fernando11 Years, Student of Ladies College

Increased her speed from 239 -1706 words per minute with increased comprehension from 47% - 93%

August 2014

 Study Skills Public Program for Kids

“This program actually helped me to change my attitude towards studying. It always was a bother and I never thought any good about it. But this has taught me that we can actually make studying fun. It was very fun at the same time too. I enjoyed this program very much.”

Lihini Samarasinghe -13 years,Student of Visakha Vidyalaya


July 2014

Personal Self Mastery Program for  Citizens Development Business Finance PLC

Citizens Development Business Finance PLC  wanders on a jounrey of mastering themselves through a Long term program with us.