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December 2014

‘Lightning Reading with Sanjeev’ Public Program for Kids

"I have never gone through such a amazing, fun and interesting programme which helped me tremendously. My speed has increased over atleast 1500% and I myself couldn’t believe it. I want to thank sir Sanjeev and the other teachers. I have not only learnt to increase my speed but I have learnt many more things which I never knew before so I thank the teachers for giving me the knowledge and helping me. I will never stop speed reading."

Meth Ranatunga - 14 Years, Student of Gateway College

Increased his speed from 144 -2582 words per minute with increased comprehension from 80-100%

December 2014

Ignite - 'Journey to Excellence' Program for Lanka IOC

"It was a great pleasure to participate in such a nice program and to ignite our energies which are hidden in our minds.Thank you very much for your guidance Mr.Sanjeev and Good Luck to you."

Ranketh Wijayarathna - Manager of Engineering, Lanka IOC

November 2014

 ‘Lightning Reading with Sanjeev’ Program for ICICI Bank

“I was skeptical about increasing the speed while retaining, the program helped me to believe otherwise. It was an eye opener for me to improve my reading skills which in turn would improve the productivity. The visualization technique would help to conquer any obstacle in personality development”

Rikaz Ahamed -ICICI Bank Relationship Manager, ICICI Bank

Increased his speed from 148-322 words per minute with increased comprehension from 40-60%