About Us

‘Maximizing Human Potential is what we are all about; committed to making it a reality for all those we interact with. We believe that all of us have vast amounts ofuntapped potential. The human mind is capable of so much more than we give it credit for. However because we place such low targets on ourselves in terms of what we believe we can achieve, that is all that we do end up achieving. So does this mean we can achieve anything we want to? We would think ‘sure’, ‘of course’. Isn’t this what all great religions have been teaching us for thousands of years? All is possible … if we only believe, If only we can release the vast untapped potential of our mind. Wouldn't that be absolutely fantastic?

Revelations Professional Education is committed to doing just that, through our interactions and facilitations. This is not new age fads, or stuff of dreams, but of reality. We work closely with every single individual we coach through our short term and long term personality building, skills development and leadership programs and ensure that they make sustainable transformation.

We have helped professionals in the Sales Field over achieve their targets by more than 100%, helped individual’s make process improvements resulting in substantial time and cost savings for their organizations, helped professionals pass examinations important for their career growth – which they had previously failed many times over, helped individual’s change their thinking patterns to overcome beliefs which were holding them back, we have helped individual’s overcome stammering, anger problems, alcoholism, stress etc. All these transformations have helped individuals increase self confidence and self esteem, helping them strive towards excellence and bring out the best from themselves and their teams.

We have also taught students from the ages of 8 to 65, to read on average 8 times faster than they did at the start, with increased comprehension; Amazing huh! Think of how much more productive you would be if you could do this; how much more time you would save; how many more exams you could do; how your marks would increase; and how much more fun you could have. 

We have taught children and adults who thought they couldn't ‘sing’ and that they were tone deaf, to become musically proficient to the extent that audiences pay money to watch them perform; we have taught and lead children and adults to believe in themselves so much, that they have been able to translate this into becoming world class champions at international competitions winning world championships, platinum, gold and silver medals in choral music.

We have been able to un-lock aspirations in people so that they have gone on to achieve dreams that they dreamed about, but never thought possible. Sanjeev has led the Revelations male voice choir to be ranked 4th in the world, after winning two categories out of 23, competing with 20,000 choirs, from among 93 countries. He has brought in the most number of international awards to Sri Lanka in choral music, all this by helping people believe in themselves and helping them unleash their talents and their potential.

This is all with the power of the human mind, your mind, once you have accepted that all is really possible. Does it also mean some work? Of course. It means that you need to practice and apply skills and knowledge learned. But once you know and believe you can do something, practicing and applying becomes pure joy; work ceases to be work, but becomes play; and in this age of stress, constantly running and trying to catch up, and indeed being a part of the eternal rat race; you will be able to set your own vision, live your own dreams, and the greatest gift of all, be happy and content doing it.

We have been coaching and performing in Austria, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore and Sri Lanka. We offer cutting edge programs and are committed to ensuring lasting change for our participants.